Two Trustee Opportunities with Havering Association for People with Disabilities

Havering Association for People with Disabilities is now looking for candidates with experience in either fundraising, health, or with a legal background  to join the board of trustees.   Our trustees take an active interest and role in the governance of our organisation.

We are seeking candidates who will bring experience within a wide range of areas to broaden the knowledge of the organisation as a member of the board.

It would be wonderful but not essential to have a knowledge of the role of the voluntary sector and issues surrounding disabilities and carers.

This is an exciting opportunity to join an organisation with aims to provide disabled adults and their carers living in LB of Havering, through a wide range of opportunities and activities the chance to participate in the community and thrive.

Trustees meet six times every year at Havering Association for People with Disabilities and provide support throughout the year in a wide range of ways including accounts, attending events and promotion opportunities.

See Role Description for more information

For further information on the role of trustee on the GOV.UK website  or email [email protected]

If you are interested in applying please send in a letter of interest detailing your skills and interests in becoming a trustee with H.A.D.