Our latest 2018in2018 challenge

2018in2018 Band Challenge For our #2018in2018 challenge we will be completing 20¬†minutes of exercise with elastic bands 18¬†minutes of exercise with musical instruments becoming a band H.A.D.’s Wednesday Workout Group meet weekly 1.30-3pm and is open to all disabled...

2018 in 2018

Walk, run, or swim 2018 in 2018

Fancy a challenge for 2018, something that could challenge you all year.  A challenge for everyone.

We want our event to be open to everyone so your event could be 2018 metres, 2018 km or 2018 miles.
Try to walk, do it in your wheelchair, run or swim 2018 in 2018.

You could join a team or challenge yourself individually


Schools complete as part of your daily mile.
Families & friends complete (& compete) together.

We would love to hear about your journey and will do all we can to support you.

No limit to the number of members in a team and distances do not need to be split equally.

We want our event to be open to everyone so your challenge could be 2018 metres, 2018 km or 2018 miles.

There is no time limit on your event if could take you an afternoon or all 2018.

Havering Association for People with disabilities (H.A.D.) is a charity in LB Havering support adults with disabilities and their carers through a wide range of services and activities.

H.A.D. will support you during your fundraising sharing y

our updates on Social Media.
2018 miles/km works out approx 5-6 miles/km a day (if individually).
Use a phone, pedometer or fitness tracker to track your distance (or good old fashioned pen & paper).

Set up your challenge at http://mydonate.bt.com/events/2018in2018

Challenges so far…. push up, cakes, star jumps, lap around H.A.D. the garden, bike rides.