Supporting H.A.D

We would first of all like to acknowledge and thank our funders for their financial support which means that we can provide the necessary  information needed in order to aid training and facilitate opportunities for People with Disabilities and Carers. From doing this, it has the given opportunity for people to socialise, access our activities/events, enabling them to maximise their life chances and be a part of  the local community as well as producing a tranquil and jovial environment! Thank you to all who have fundraised on our behalf and made donations to H.A.D which greatly supports us in our work!!

Past Fundraising

Would you like to volunteer in fundraising for H.A.D or offer your support? If so it would be a splendid Idea to hear from what you have in mind, we are more than happy to apply what you have suggested!  Past activities that we have done are as follows wheelchair climb over the 02 dome, Disability Access Awareness Day District trainline challenge, Hats for H.A.D day, a swimathon and the forthcoming Thames Bridge Trek Challenge.This year’s theme is 2018 in 2018! Our Ideas so far include running, walking; swimming, baking and taking photos 2018 in 2018. For more information about the 2018 activities, please click the link shown here: ….

Community Friends Volunteering

If you can spare a couple of hours weekly or monthly, to socialise or even have a little play date, you could produce a huge impact on the lives of people with disabilities since, most of them do not have anyone to talk toabout topics such as the news and how was their day like today; more importantly, you’ll also bgiving their full-time carer a much-needed break to relax and have some time to themselves.


At the H.A.D we have many activities that you could contribute and participate in, these include Computing tutoring, social group support helper, office administration and supporting staff at events and occasional promotions throughout the borough.

Shopping Online


If  you would like to support the H.A.D, please click on the link here: EasyFundrasing