H.A.D. formerly known as Havering Association for the Handicapped (H.A.H.) was formed in May 1969.  H.A.H. was established to meet the needs of People with Disabilities and Carers by providing information, facilities and direct services and to work in partnership with individuals and organisations that share the same aims.In the early 1980s, Mr Whittaker was elected Chairman and with the support of the committee, decided that the Association needed to have its own accommodation and funding.

HAD approached Havering Borough Council for the accommodation and the Greater London Council (GLC) for the money.  It took about three years for the proposal to come into fruition.  The GLC agreed to fund the money to set up the office and the local authority, via the Community Programme, to supply the office.  The building has an exciting history starting life at RAF Hornchurch as a dispersal hut which was then relocated in Billet Lane as offices for the Hornchurch Urban District Council and then moved to its present site in Woodhall Crescent by the Community Programme people (a government scheme using unemployed people).

The furnishing of the hall and running costs was undertaken from money granted by the G.L.C. After the G.L.C. was disbanded the funding was taken over by the London Residual Body then the local authority. The completion of the Hall took place in April 1986.At a Special General Meeting in June 1996, the name of the Association was changed to HAVERING ASSOCIATION FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES.

In April 2001 Havering Association for People with Disabilities became a Company limited by guarantee.A variety of programmes and services have been developed over the years according to need and to provide a wide range of activities for People with Disabilities and Carers. The organisation participates in many local events such as Carers Week and Carers Rights Day and information days.H.A.D. continues to prosper, transcend and adapt to meet the needs of local people living in the community.We are also honoured and proud of the history of our building, during WW2, it was used as a dispersal hut at RAF Hornchurch, and would have been situated near the runways.  Crews would have waited inside for the call to man the planes, maybe playing cards, chatting and each other.  We celebrated our hut & our client’s Local History stories during May 2017 thanks to support to a grant from the Lottery Heritage.