Coronavirus Update effective 11th May 2020

Hello All

We had hoped that today following the PM’s speech we would be able to make some plans for opening. As always we are lead by Government & NHS guidelines and with our clients, staff and volunteers safety as the number one priority for now we will not be commencing any face to face services here in the centre.

Rest assured that we are working here in the back ground to ensure when the time is right we are ready to open and the best way to do it ensuring everyone’s safety. The garden is still being looked after and looks beautiful, the building is being maintained and deep cleaned, and the staff are busy as always thinking of ideas and working hard running the organisation. We will be ready.

In the meantime we are here to take you calls so please do get in touch we love hearing how you are doing.

Also if you have any ideas or projects about how we could support you with in the next few months please do get in touch.

One idea we are going to trial is phone buddies where you are matched up with someone to check in on each other and share the journey with good times & bad. If you are interested in being involved email call or email [email protected]

You have all been incredible so far and we have been amazed by your positivity in challenging times and proud of the support you provide each other and also for caring about us the staff team.

Best wishes

Clare, Cheryl, Denise & Vikki

Useful Links & numbers for Coronavirus

There is so much information out there we are trying to create one place where you can locate them.

Please be aware information can go out of date quickly and we will note brief description & in brackets the date we verified the link.


Helplines/Telephone Numbers

NHS 111 (11/05/20)

Citizens Advice Havering– 01708 629902 (11/05/20) see link for availability

NSPCC 0800 800 5000 (11/05/20)  24 hours helpline

Childline 0200 111 (11/05/20)  24 hours helpline

National Domestic Abuse Helpline (11/05/20) 24 hours helpline

Respect – Mens Advice Line (11/05/20) Mon – Fri 9-5/8pm

Samaritans 116 123 24 (11/05/20) hours free helpline

Action on Elder Abuse 0808 808 8141 (11/05/20)

Cruse Bereavement 0800 808 1677 (11/05/20) Mon- Fri 9-5

LB of Havering Coronavirus helpline 0800 368 5201

LBH Key Number

  • Adult Social Services: 01708 432000
  • Children’s Social Services / Safeguarding Team: 01708 433222
  • Council Tax: 01708 433997
  • Environment / Streetcare: 01708 432563
  • Housing Benefit: 01708 433996
  • Housing Services (Repairs / Rents/ PSL): 01708 434000
  • Housing Solutions / Homelessness enquiries: 01708 432824
  • Payment line: 01708 433993
  • Planning and Building Control: 01708 433100
  • Registrars: 01708 433481
  • School Admissions: 01708 434600
  • Main switchboard: 01708 434343


Health & Well being

NHS Latest Updates (11/05/2020) link

Samaritans advice if worried about mental well  (11/05/2020) link

Advice for Carers of those with serious mental health issues (11/05/2020)  link

Havering Mind Coronavirus Support (11/05/20) link

NHS Mental Health While Staying Home (ll/05/20) link


Information/Guidelines & Advice

Government Latest Updates (11/05/20) link

BSL Daily updates (11/05/20) link

Information for Direct Payments recipients (11/05/20) link

Energy/Utility Advice  (11/05/20) link

Get Coronavirus support as a clinically extremely vulnerable person (11/05/20) link

Scam Awareness during Coronavirus (11/05/20) link

Domestic Abuse advice from Citizen Advice (11/05/20) link

Havering Council Coronavirus Updates (11/05/20) link

Disability Rights Coronavirus Updates  (11/05/20) link

Working Families Advice (11/05/20) link

Live in Havering & interested in offering or need support visit Havering Volunteer Centre Coronavirus Help Page (11/05/20) link

Money Advice (11/05/20) link

Havering Carers Information for managing difficult times (11/05/20) link

Taxi Card Changes during Coronavirus (21/05/20) link

Scope Disability Charity range of useful information (01/06/20) link

Website full of advice and connections for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults link



Tips on how to access on line events (11/05/20) – link

Cyber Aware (11/05/20) link


Looking on the bright side

This has been a strange and unsettling few weeks but what have you enjoyed or learned, here’s just a few of ours
💚how much people are willing to help each other
💚respect for key workers
💚all the memes & funny videos
💚new ways to be connected
💚Hazels singing/Stephens Clapping Videos
💚& talking to all our amazing clients to hear about how they are doing everything they can to support each other & themselves
So many more but we’d love to hear yours

Client Feedback Questionnaire for April 2019 – March 2020

Dear all

Our annual Client Evaluation Week to gain feedback, suggestions and review the previous year (financial April 19- March 20) for H.A.D. normally takes place in September.

We thought due to these unprecedented times we would bring this forward and use this time of reflection to complete it now.  This will allows us to prepare our Annual Report whilst the centre is quiet rather then when it is open again and full of wonderful people, stories, activities, laughter and conversations.
We truly value everyone’s input from the ideas, support you give to each other, passion for life, volunteering and the trials and tribulations you face and these last few weeks have highlighted to us daily that you our clients are the heart of H.A.D.

We look forward to our future and to hearing your ideas.  #ItsYourService

We’d like to thank you for making the year April 2019 – March 2020 a truly exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling year.   We challenged you in the year to #TrySomethingNew and you grab the opportunities from science experiments, day trips, public speaking to hosting your own amazing Art Exhibition.

All members are kindly asked to fill out a questionnaire via survey monkey (link below).

These evaluations are important to us at H.A.D, it lets us know what you think of the service we are providing, and where we can improve.  It also gives you the chance to ‘have your say’.

If you have any questions or need assistance please do get in touch either

Complete survey here


Covid 19 – H.A.D Closure

Following the latest Government Guidelines, the Board of Trustees have taken the decision that the H.A.D. building will be closed to all visitors.  This decision has not been taken lightly

Prevention is better than Cure!

Are you living with a long-term health condition such as Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Asthma, Circulation or Heart Problems?

Giaro Health Management runs a 10-weeks course aiming to raise awareness of the impact of chronic conditions on individuals’ wellbeing by addressing the physical, cognitive and social needs,  all of which has a long-term, positive impact on their general health.

This week’s recommendation:

Focus on appropriate posture control !

Posture refers to positioning of the body or the way in which it is held. It requires energy to overcome gravity. Without this energy, the body becomes limp and is not able to maintain correct alignment.

Correct posture means positioning the body in a good balance to enable the bodily systems working more effectively without undue strain.

For example, slouching when sitting or standing restricts efficient functioning of the lungs, and produces skeletal strain, which leads to other problems.

Sitting posture:


H.A.D’s Great Outdoors

Join us weekly every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday to experience the benefits of the great outdoors.

9.30am every week for twenty minutes in the beautiful H.A.D. garden.  

It has been proven that being in the fresh air even for short amount of times can boost your well being and lower stress levels.



Join us to sit and reflect, smell the flowers, spot wildlife or stroll around the garden at your own pace

Interested in reading more about the benefits of the great out doors see links below

Daily Mail

Benedon Health



Annual General Meeting 2019

You are invited to our AGM which is being held here at H.A.D on Thursday 7th November 2019. Meeting starts at 1pm with refreshment from 12.30 pm. All welcome Guest

London City Airport Fund Project at H.A.D.

Honoured to have been awarded by London City Airport Community Grant

H.A.D. applied and were excited to be awarded £2700 as part of London City Airport Community Grant  after consultant with  our clients we are planning to host a series of workshops to improve well being and social inclusion.

Updates about upcoming events will be published shortly

For further information see London City Airport press release