Covid 19 – H.A.D. Closure

Following the latest Government Guidelines, the Board of Trustees have taken the decision that the H.A.D. building will be closed to all visitors.  This decision has not been taken lightly as it means that ALL groups and activities will...

No such thing as a silly questions

If you are unsure of how something feels or if you have a niggling doubt about a situation or someone, please do talk to one of the H.A.D. team. Call us or make an appointment to talk to someone...

Prevention is better than Cure!

Are you living with a long-term health condition such as Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Asthma, Circulation or Heart Problems?

Giaro Health Management runs a 10-weeks course aiming to raise awareness of the impact of chronic conditions on individuals’ wellbeing by addressing the physical, cognitive and social needs,  all of which has a long-term, positive impact on their general health.

This week’s recommendation:

Focus on appropriate posture control !

Posture refers to positioning of the body or the way in which it is held. It requires energy to overcome gravity. Without this energy, the body becomes limp and is not able to maintain correct alignment.

Correct posture means positioning the body in a good balance to enable the bodily systems working more effectively without undue strain.

For example, slouching when sitting or standing restricts efficient functioning of the lungs, and produces skeletal strain, which leads to other problems.

Sitting posture:


H.A.D.’s Great Outdoors

Join us weekly every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday to experience the benefits of the great outdoors.

9.30am every week for twenty minutes in the beautiful H.A.D. garden.  

It has been proven that being in the fresh air even for short amount of times can boost your well being and lower stress levels.



Join us to sit and reflect, smell the flowers, spot wildlife or stroll around the garden at your own pace

Interested in reading more about the benefits of the great out doors see links below

Daily Mail

Benedon Health



Happy New Year & Our Plans for 2020

Welcome to 2020, a New Year a New Decade. We are busy in the office planning lots of exciting activities and fundraising events for the forthcoming year.

After our success of ‘Try something new’ throughout 2019, we have decided this year to focus our theme for 2020 is around




those eagle eyed among you will realise this spells out H.A.D.

We will be offering many more Health & Well being classes and activities, starting in January with group counselling sessions. These will be delivered by an independent trained counsellor from Silver Line Therapies. There are four different topic areas the first starting in January will be around Self Esteem.

Our Mind Body & Soul class which compromises of Chair Based Yoga, Mindfulness and Breathing Techniques will be starting up again in February, please see Website and Social Media for updates on class dates and times.

We would love to hear your ideas for H.A.D. services and events and invite all our clients to join Clare at our Meet the Manager event #ItsYourService

If you have any ideas for healthy activities or have ambitions that you would like to share with the office, and we can help work out the direction in which we can achieve these, please get in touch we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Lets all go on this journey of a healthier 2020 together!

We hope to see many of you soon, and remember to check the Website, and all Social Media pages for all updates.

Clare, Cheryl, Denise & Vikki


Meet Marie our student Social Worker

Hello, my name is Marie.

I am a student social worker from the University of Essex, on  placement at H.A.D.

I am working with a great team in an extremely caring environment, promoting well-being and social inclusion.  I am really enjoying working with a diverse group of service users and  have been given the opportunity to learn so much.

I am in the office from Monday – Wednesday 9am to 4pm, pop in to say “HI!” Would be lovely to meet you.  My first Meet Marie session is 6th November 10-2pm everyone is welcome.

Annual General Meeting 2019

You are invited to our AGM which is being held here at H.A.D on Thursday 7th November 2019. Meeting starts at 1pm with refreshment from 12.30 pm. All welcome Guest Speaker Mike Brace CBE DL Please call us on...

Havering Half Marathon

Thank you to all our runners on Sunday who took onthe challenge of the new Havering Half Marathon.  It was an honour to meet you all and we felt inspired by your energy. We were super lucky to have...

London City Airport Fund Project at H.A.D.

Honoured to have been awarded by London City Airport Community Grant

H.A.D. applied and were excited to be awarded £2700 as part of London City Airport Community Grant  after consultant with  our clients we are planning to host a series of workshops to improve well being and social inclusion.

Updates about upcoming events will be published shortly

For further information see London City Airport press release